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Standared Packages

Standared Packages You will receive warm, royal and traditional welcome with Rajasthani turbans including welcome drinks (soft drinks only-No Alcohol), then you will spend short period of time with the elephants to enjoy Elephant Feeding-banana and sugarcane, after that you will get a chance of  learning about elephant food, medicines, language, habits of elephants and different between elephant of Asian and Africans, after that to feel love and affection you will get an opportunity of painting elephant's body(skin), and  Learning climbing up on the elephants from there trunk from on their nose.

You will have a delightful ride of around 25 to 30 minutes on bare back of elephant; the ride will be without seating on the elephant something local. You will get an incredible chance of ride by driving the elephant yourself as well as with our driver (Mahaot). After the joyful ride you will get to know how elephants sleep, eat, drinks, and at last will enjoy washing to the elephants (but in summer season only) at our place and giving them good massage.

We would be delighted to provide you a memorable experience.


  • No shower or swimming with elephants in winters till end of March
  •  In Standard Package timing of picking up a guest from the Hotel or Anywhere in jaipur is-12:00 O'clock Noon
  • Starting time of  the Standard Packages at 1:00 O'clock PM


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