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Playing with water is really amazing fun for everyone. You may have same fun with elephant. Now spend a tremendous time amidst the herd of giant gentler. Get an opportunity to know about the elephants, their moods and behavior up close. Befriend those giant creatures and explore their soft and amiable nature. Make all the moments special and unforgettable with them.

 Enjoy an unusual activity of bathing the elephants according to the traditional cultures of India Shower and scrub them on your own under the guidance of professional experts. You can give Shower to your elephant and Wash & Scrub them at Pool side.

In the morning time elephants generally shower through water hose. In the afternoon you enjoy washing elephant by your own hand. You will have indefinable fun during washing of elephants. This would be time of pleasure and belongingness for elephant also because elephants also love to play with water.  Washing and bathing activities that will give you immense pleasure and can capture these memorable moments with elephants.
This encounter would indeed the most peaceful, delightful experience one is likely to ever have in life. Spend a relaxing retreat amidst the natural bliss and make all the moments special and unforgettable with these giant gentler and discover the soft and amiable nature of those affable mammals.

Visit us to enjoy this Elefriend activity between human and animal. This is true- “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawake.”

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