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Well, Interacting and playing with an elephant is an unforgettable experience by itself, but getting the opportunity of painting it which is a traditional practice in Jaipur provided by us is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Painting elephant will be one the most entertaining and pleasurable part of your visit.

 Spend a tremendous time amidst the herd of giant gentler. If you find yourself in this bizarre situation, chances are called painting-elephant is being held in captivity. Painting on elephants is incredible activity that you can enjoy during elephant ride in Jaipur. You can express your affection to elephants and mark your affection and belongingness with elephant by painting on their skin.

You can paint to elephant’s thick skin and can capture it for your memories with elephants. Cherish the unique moments of painting elephants. Different from the usual amusement options spend a relaxing retreat amidst natural bliss. Befriend those giant creatures and explore their soft and amiable nature. Make all the moments special and unforgettable with them.

 If you want to do painting on elephants but you don't know how to do this, no worries, we are here to help you and guide you everything you can learn the traditional painting skills for elephants from the experts and decorate them with inner-creative. The colors are harmless and skin friendly, we prepare these traditional colors for you so that these do not corrode the skin of those affable mammals and are totally safe for elephants. You take a look of our photo gallery where several people enjoyed colorful painting on elephants and the moment is captured.

This encounter would surely be the most peaceful, beautiful experience one is likely to ever have in life. Spend a relaxing retreat amidst the natural bliss and make all the moments special and unforgettable with these giant gentler and discover the soft and amiable nature of those affable mammals.

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