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“Love goes through the stomach” You might have heard the saying.  Here, in case of elephants is no exception.  

We offer a very interesting and pleasing experience to you if you are an animal lover and really care for them. We offer you an exceptional opportunity to feel the belongingness with elephant if you are fond of this gigantic but adorable creature. We believe in befriending animals and are expert in the art of making an elephant friend of a human. Feeding is one of the easiest and effective ways of gaining their trust love. Here with us you will get a chance of feeding them at the same time learning their feeding habits, and what they enjoy eating the most. We instruct you how to befriend the elephants by feeding them. By Feeding for the elephants you will feel proximity and affection which is exceptional and outstanding. There goes a popular saying - "There is no language of love and friendship".


Animals have specific timings for food and drink but probably you may not be aware of their feeding schedule, so we manage a schedule during your day with the elephants where you will find out feeding habits of elephants. You can offer those bananas and chapattis that elephants love to eat the most. At feeding time, the joy and happiness that lights up in the eyes of elephant and its broad smile are proof enough of its way of showing that it is heartily pleased to see the goodies in your hand. The bond of human and elephant becomes even stronger when you feed food them with your own hands. We would train you properly on how to behave with them so you need not worry much, how to love them and how to feed them. You will really enjoy the day spent with them on this trip - especially their feeding process.

Visit us to enjoy this Elefriend activity between human and animal. This is true- “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawake.”

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