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A Walk

We propose gratifying leisurely walk astride a gigantic yet gentle animal elephant; this would be an experience of a lifetime. We offer you an extraordinary experience of elephant safari where you will get to know about the elephant's life, their nature, habits and language and other activities which are once-in-a-lifetime. Elephant Safari in Jaipur is incredible experience and provides the feel of Royalty as only Kings used it in ancient India. We propose you a schedule along with our elephants that are well trained by our expert trainers.

When in Jaipur, you should make it a point to never miss this wonderful heritage ride on the elephant; it would be a completely energetic and pleasurable experience for you to boast of captivating yourself on an elephant safari in Jaipur.

While riding on these adorable elephants, you can see their various activities. You get to enjoy a bracing bath with the elephant which is always an incredible incident of anyone's life. Sunset jungle safari is one of the most pleasant and delightful activities. Around 5 pm you will get a chance of a relaxing one hour ambling ride through the amazing jungle astride a luxurious palanquin in Maharaja Style.

This encounter would indeed the most peaceful, delightful experience one is likely to ever have in life. Spend a relaxing retreat amidst the natural bliss and make all the moments special and unforgettable with these giant gentler and discover the soft and amiable nature of those affable mammals.

Visit us to enjoy this Elefriend activity between human and animal. This is true- “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawake.”


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